Knight Furniture joins us to help local families!

Christmas morning is a magical time of music, food, family, and for the kiddos, toys! Unfortunately, some families hit hard times and in those times, Santa may not be able to be as giving as he’d like to be. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Knight Furniture to bring Christmas joy to the families who need it the most. Below, you’ll find the wish lists of the selected families. Once an item is purchased or a family has their list completed, they will be taken from the list. Anything, big or small, can make a huge difference for Texoma’s children on Christmas morning. Drop-offs can be made at the KSEO Knight Furniture studios (1418 N 1st in Durant) or at Knight Furniture (108 W. Lamar in Sherman) and will be received with the gratitude of not only us, but the children who get to find out yes, Santa does exist!

The Dasher Family:

The Dancer Family:

The Prancer Family:

The Vixen Family:

The Comet Family:

The Cupid Family:

The Donner Family:

The Blitzen Family:

The Rudolph Family: